25+ years in a glance

Established in 1989


Private company “DAD” was established in 1989, by Mrs. Jarmila Cinkotski.
When it was founded, “DAD” wholesale was second private wholesale business, established in Vojvodina and Serbia.
The business included wholesale, retail, export and import of consumer goods.
The wholesale was located in Petrovaradin (part of Novi Sad) in our own storage facilities of more than 1000 square meters.

Large network of clients

representative company

In the time to come, business activity of the company expanded rapidly, DAD did businesses with companies from all over ex Yugoslavia. We were on the way to become representative company and distributor of few Croatian and Slovenian manufacturers. Even few foreign companies were interested in DAD, to become their representative company for Yugoslav market.
Business was based on the wholesale of goods to the network of clients, which consisted of more than 1500 companies and retail businesses.
We employed around 70 people, and soon we opened our 3 retail outlets.

International presence

Austria Serbia partnership

DAD was the first private trading company from Yugoslavia (before it divided), that exhibited on the foreign fair. On the international fair in Vienna-Austria “Schau Der Nationen”, in 1990, (“Representation of Nations”), our exhibit was very visited. It was so interesting for the public, that even Austrian president Kurt Waldheim came to visit us.
You can see him at our booth, trying out Slovak sausage, that later became brand in our Cafe Restaurant Veliki

Business experience

Business center

In 1990, DAD bought its office building in the Novi Sad city center. We opened our retail store, and later on, moved our offices there.
Our business survived the following crises, hyperinflation, collapse of Yugoslavia and war, due to our orientation to stop trading, and to start manufacturing and doing services.
In 1995, we established AD DESIGN, the part of our company which worked in the field of design, and pre-press services, as well as large format digital printing.
In August 1998., we started the reconstruction of our office building, and it turned our business orientation towards real-estate, construction and investment services.
Until the March of 1999 (start of NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia), we produced pastry and cookies and sold them to more than 150 retails in Novi Sad, 250 retails in Belgrade, as well to many retail store around Vojvodina and Serbia.